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We will evolve into a business able to grow while generating profits Dividend payments for 2013 and policy on shareholder returns Business performance prospects for 2014 Our dividend payment policy is based on the principle of providing shareholders with a stable rate of returns on their investment. In determining the amount of dividend to be paid, we keep in mind the importance of maintaining a sound financial position, while at the same time taking into account the Group’s business performance over the past several years and the need to set aside adequate funds for future capital investment plans and to pay R&D expenses. On this basis, we aim to maintain a stable annual dividend of \10 per share. Regarding the allocation of profits for the 2013 business year, we have decided to pay a term-end per-share dividend of \5, for an annual dividend of \10 per share. The business outlook over the near future is forecast to remain on a gradual improvement trend, underpinned by government economic policies aimed at increasing consumption tax rates as well as economic recoveries in the United States and other advanced countries. Nevertheless, conditions in the chemical industry are expected to remain uncertain amid rising fuel and raw material prices. In light of this, the Toagosei Group will take steps to secure earnings by steadily implementing growth strategies under the new medium-term management plan, “All TOA 2016: Strengthen Business Structure then Create New Products,” which was launched this year. We project net sales, operating income, and net income for 2014 at roughly the same levels as in 2013. A A Q3 Q4 Toagosei Co., Ltd. 10