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Overview by Business Segment Acrylic Products Tatsumi Nonaka Executive Officer, General Manager, Acrylic Products Department Medium-term Management Plan Growth Strategies Key Business Segment Action Plans Innovate upstream product businesses and develop new businesses in downstream fields . Enable consistent profitability through monomer business innovation . Develop new applications and maximize earnings in the polymer business Develop new products and reduce costs in the Aronix business . Undertake new business development by concentrating human resources toward projects to strengthen the acrylic products business Polymer flocculants are used in the treatment of wastewater. Acrylic Polymers: Gelling agents are applicable in a wide range of fields, including pharmaceutical poultices, quasi-drugs like cooling sheets and packs, as well as cosmetics and other items. Acrylate Esters Acrylate esters, derivatives of acrylic acid, are one of our main products, and are used as raw materials for paints, viscosity adhesives, acrylic gums, acrylic textiles, etc. UV-curable Resins: Aronix UV-curable resins are used in various things around us, from printed materials to electronics materials. 13 Annual Report 2013