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Overview by Business Segment Specialty Chemicals Akira Kuriyama Executive Officer, General Manager, Advanced Chemicals Department Advanced Chemicals Medium-term Management Plan Growth Strategies Key Business Segment Action Plans Develop new instant adhesives and expand high-value-added product businesses . Promote downstream expansion and market development of amenity care materials Amenity care materials are additives that add functions such as antimicrobial, mold resistance, and deodorant to processed products, and are used in the field of amenity care. New Materials Silsesquioxane Derivatives (The SQ Series) Antimicrobial agents, deodorants, and other products can be used to coat or mix into products used in daily life to create comfortable spaces for living. The SQ Series light-curable resin protects the Japanese flag on the KOUNOTORI3 H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV3) mission. 17 Annual Report 2013