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● Prevention of global warming We are switching to low-emission fuels and installing energy-efficient equipment as we pursue our goal of reducing CO2 emissions. ● Reduction of industrial waste We thoroughly separate and recycle waste at each of our operating locations, and are accordingly taking steps to recycle waste plastics toward achieving our zero-landfill goal for the entire Group. ● Reduction of emissions of substances harmful to the environment We are working to reduce volumes of emissions of substances subject to Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) assessment by Japan Chemical Industry Association. Efforts to reduce our environmental impact Comprehensive emergency-preparedness drill (Nagoya plant) ● Establishment of Risk Management Committee We established a Risk Management Committee as a mechanism for the routine identification and assessment of potential risks. Based upon this, risk countermeasures are formulated and the status of those countermeasures is checked. ● Response when facing a crisis situation We reexamined our various rules and regulations that set forth the specific steps to take when faced with a crisis situation and introduced a system that verifies employee safety via mobile device. Risk management The Toagosei Group, learned a lesson from the Great East Japan Earthquake of fiscal 2011, rebuilt its risk management system. Potential risks . Natural disaster risk . Environmental and safety risk . Financial risk . Legal risk . Geopolitical risk . Infectious disease risk . Product risk . Market risk . Personnel and labor risk . Other external environment-related risks Responsible Care (RC) activities In order to steadily pursue initiatives to ensure safety and protect the environment as a chemical company, the Toagosei Group conducts Responsible Care (RC) activities under basic policies for RC. Product safety User safety and health, environmental effects Occupational health and safety management system Worker safety and health Material distribution safety Prevent accidents during transport Security and disaster prevention Prevent accidents and prepare for disasters Environmental protection Protect the global environment and people’s health Development Production Distribution Use Final consumption Disposal Responsible Care is an activity wherein companies that handle chemical substances voluntarily communicate to society the results of their efforts and activities to ensure the protection of the environment, safety, and health at all stages of the product lifecycle, from development, production, and distribution, to use, final consumption, and disposal. RC activities are indispensable for the harmonious development of chemical companies with society. What is RC ? The Toagosei Group is committed to ensuring the safety of its products, as well as workforce safety and hygiene, and to reducing the impact on the environment of these products and their manufacturing processes at all stages from development through use to final disposal. By these means, the Group raises its reputation for trustworthiness among both its customers and society at large. Basic polices for RC Toagosei Co., Ltd. 24