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The Toagosei Group ensures fairness in human rights in recruitment, job assignments, and the handling of personnel. In addition to conducting a variety of education and training programs to develop human resources, we have introduced an incentive system for personnel improvement. Major training activities . New employee training . Training in the second, third, and fourth years after entering the company . Mid-career employee training . Foreman training . Management training (new managerial staff training) . New sales staff training . Skill improvement courses for production technology and engineering staff . Skill improvement courses for R&D staff . Quality engineering courses . Intellectual property courses . Other courses Development of earth and human-friendly technologies and products Creative Production to Save Power: Electrolysis facility using gas diffusion electrode method Since the First Commitment Period of the Kyoto Protocol in 2008, Japan has worked on global warming countermeasures to restrict carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Yet the shutdown of the country’s nuclear power plants due to the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 has recently posed dire circumstances for our nation’s power as power companies demand power conservation and raise prices. While our company, which uses brine electrolysis technology to produce caustic soda, chlorine and other products indispensable to industry and daily life, continues to serve its responsibility to supply products under these circumstances, we have proactively worked on developing and industrializing an electrolysis facility that runs on the gas diffusion electrode method in an aim to save energy by cutting power used for electrolysis. This innovative technology produces caustic soda alone without producing hydrogen, and can reduce power consumption during electrolysis by up to approximately two-thirds of conventional methods. After joint research with the Japan Soda Industry Association, we conducted verification tests with Kaneka Corporation and obtained positive results, which led us to install the facility for our Tokushima Plant in July 2013. From installing this technology, we expect to strengthen our competitiveness in the electrolysis business and we will be considering further installation in our Tokushima Plant as well as the Nagoya and Yokohama Plants. CSR Efforts Overseas: Toagosei America developing and distributing products and services that meet local demands Aron Alpha, a long-popular brand of instant glue, is distributed in the United States under the name Krazy Glue and boasts a leading share of the market. Toagosei America fills and packages its original solution that it procures from Japan to produce Krazy Glue. Krazy Glue is most often used in the US for do-it-yourself, home carpentry work, with the average amount applied per use amounting to several times that in Japan. Its primary line in Japan is the two-gram product, but high-volume products such as a 20-gram version sell well in the US. To quickly satisfy such locally unique demand, we develop and improve on packaging materials locally in order to deliver products with better usability to our customers. We also conduct focus surveys that directly elicit customer comments about the product in order to understand local needs and identify latent demand. The Color Change feature that gives the glue color to show where it was applied, but fades when the glue solidifies, comes from customer feedback we received on ways to make the product easier to use. Coexisting with the local community Assisting in efforts to recover from the earthquake Ever since the Great East Japan Earthquake, our Group has offered local contribution actions that include donations of Aron Pipe for use in wastewater facilities, masks containing the antimicrobial Novaron, and relief money, while sponsoring festivals and offering cooperation from various aspects in the affected region’s efforts to return to pre-earthquake conditions. As another component of these initiatives, we have recently donated a minibus to Hironomachi in Fukushima Prefecture, where our plant is located. The minibus is playing diverse roles today, serving residents’ daily transportation needs as their local bus and preschool bus. Corporate Social Responsibility Training and recruitment Social contribution activities Donating a bus to Hironomachi, Fukushima Prefecture, to assist in the recovery efforts. (Hirono Plant) 25 Annual Report 2013