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Since its establishment on March 31, 1942, Toagosei Co., Ltd. has continued to grow along with the whole chemical sector in Japan. Including the parent, Toagosei, the Group comprises 37 companies, engaged in four principal business domains, Commodity Chemicals, Acrylic Products, Specialty Chemicals and Plastics, each of which leverages its unique strengths to push out the frontiers in technological and product development. As of December 2013, the Group’s sales came to \151 billion and its workforce totaled 2,483, both on a consolidated basis. Under its slogan “Sharing more happiness with more people through the chemical business,” the Group manufactures and markets high valueadded products on a global scale, from bases in Japan, Singapore, China, Taiwan, South Korea and the United States. Profile 1930 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1933 Yahagi Kogyo Co., Ltd., a predecessor of Toagosei, was founded. Manufacturing of ammonium sulfate, sulfuric acid, and nitric acid commenced using surplus electricity from its parent company. 1957 A new factory (Tokushima Factory) was established to produce caustic soda and organic solvents in Tokushima Prefecture. 1960 An acrylic ester plant was completed in the Nagoya factory for the first time in Japan. 1983 “Oita Chemical Co., Ltd.” was established in Oita Prefecture to produce acrylic acid. 1989 The New York Office was locally incorporated to establish “Toagosei America Inc.” 1973 Affiliated company Toajushi Kogyo Co., Ltd. merged with Teraoka Seisakusho, forming “Aronkasei Co., Ltd.” 1963 Manufacturing of instant glue Aron Alpha commenced. 1942 The second Yahagi Kogyo Co., Ltd. was founded, resulting in the establishment of Toagosei. 1944 Showa Soda Co., Ltd., Hokkai Soda Co., Ltd. and Rayon Soda Co., Ltd. were merged into the second Yahagi Kogyo Co., Ltd. to form “Toagosei Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.” History Corporate Annual Report 2013