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Other Businesses Sales for this segment.which comprises new product development operations, the construction and repair of plants and production facilities, goods transportation services, and trading house operations.increased 10.3% year on year to \3,402 million, and segment income totaled \88 million. Cash Flows Net cash provided by operating activities decreased by \5,269 million year on year to \18,023 million due to an increase in income taxes paid. Net cash used in investing activities decreased by \8,188 million to \6,852 million due to lower purchases of property, plant and equipment. Net cash used in financing activities decreased by \1,283 million to \2,094 million due to the conversion of long-term debt. As a result, cash and cash equivalents at end of the year stood at \39,798 million, an increase of \10,269 million from the previous term-end. Business Performance Prospects for Fiscal 2014 For the current term, ending December 31, 2014, we forecast net sales of \154.0 billion, operating income of \15.0 billion, and net income of \10.0 billion. Specialty Chemicals Adhesive sales were strong thanks to steady demand for both consumer-use and industrial-use instant adhesives as well as brisk demand for functional adhesives used mainly in mobile devices. Despite firm demand for construction repair materials, overall sales of products for construction and civil engineering remained unchanged year on year due to a drop in demand for civil engineering repair materials. Amenity care materials sales were firm thanks to an increase in the sales volume of silver-based inorganic antimicrobial agents. Sales of electronics materials were sluggish due to lower sales volumes overall. As a result, sales in this segment increased 1.0% year on year to \16,517 million. Segment income rose 9.3% to \3,290 million primarily due to higher sales volumes of functional adhesives and silver-based inorganic antimicrobial agents. Plastics Sales of piping equipment remained firm due to an overall recovery in demand. Nursing care product sales were weak because of lower sales volume caused by intensifying competition. Elastomer compounds performed poorly due to an overall downturn in sales volumes. As a result, sales in this segment decreased 1.9% year on year to \26,463 million. Segment income increased 5.5% to \1,349 million due to streamlining efforts, including revising unprofitable products and reducing costs. 0 5 10 15 (%) 09 10 11 12 13 0 20 40 60 10 30 50 (Yen) 09 10 11 12 13 Operating income ratio Net income per share 0 4 8 10 2 6 (Yen) 09 10 11 12 13 Cash dividends Toagosei Co., Ltd. 29