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Commodity Chemicals Acrylic Products Segment Sales Segment Sales 30.2 % 39.1 % P10 P12 Our Business Activities The acrylic products business is one of the core operations of the Toagosei Group, and Group enterprises within Japan and overseas are working together to strengthen our business base in this field. Our aim is to expand our operations in acrylic derivatives.the downstream portion of our acrylic chain.while also strengthening our business base in the Group’s acrylic acid operations, which is the initiation point of the chain, by enabling the production of cost-competitive derivatives. We boast one of the world’s highest levels of technological expertise in the field of UV-curable resins, and our products are being manufactured in Japan, Taiwan, and China and marketed all around the globe under the brand name Aronix. In our commodity chemicals business, which boasts the longest history of all operations in the Toagosei Group, we produce caustic soda and chlorine through electrolysis of salt water. Chlorine is then combined with other elements to produce a variety of inorganic chemical products such as hydrochloric acid, and sodium hypochlorite which is used to sterilize tap water. We also manufacture high-purity inorganic chemical products, which are employed in the production of such leading-edge industrial products as semiconductors and liquid crystals. In this way, we work to develop new products that match society’s ever-evolving needs. 5 Annual Report 2013