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Specialty Chemicals Plastics Segment Sales Segment Sales 10.9 % 17.5 % P14 P18 Functional Chemicals We manufacture a wide range of adhesives offering unique features and developed by our proprietary technologies. In addition to instant glues, we offer hot melt, light curable, and reactive adhesives, meeting user needs in the electronics and automotive industries, and many other fields. Our environment-friendly products for architectural and civil engineering use help improve the longevity of buildings and other structures. Advanced Chemicals Our amenity care materials feature a variety of functions, including superior heat resistance and safety, in order to support people’s comfortable daily lifestyles. We have also developed a next-generation series of hybrid electronics materials with high functionality and high purity, and offer customized solutions to suit each user’s needs. In 1951, Aronkasei Co., Ltd. became the first Japanese enterprise to launch rigid PVC piping products on the market, under the brand name Aron Pipe. Since then, Aronkasei has leveraged its original monodukuri (excellence in manufacturing) capabilities to meet society’s needs, responding to new developments from one generation to the next. In addition to the plastics processing technologies we have developed and perfected over many years, we also deploy our staff’s expertise in the properties of materials, as well as their know-how required for the practical commercialization of products, enabling the Company to make important contributions to society in a wide field from daily life through infrastructure construction and maintenance to urban development. Toagosei Co., Ltd. 6